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The concept of

Wellness has always been a top priority for Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, which has been eager to offer only the very best to spa lovers from the outset. Throughout the 20th century, hotel guests have been fans of an active lifestyle, in winter and summer alike. From skiing and ice-skating to swimming and hiking, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is renowned for its varied programme. The infinity swimming pool is just one of the many examples of the hotel’s revolutionary innovation. Built in the late sixties, the pool was considered so unique in its design that it set a benchmark for Alpine resorts.

When it comes to spa treatments, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has always wanted to be ahead of the competition, and its Palace Wellness spa has been renovated in line with the latest trends. After substantial and painstaking refurbishment, Palace Wellness has been remodelled by the team, headed by Martha Wiedemann, into a true oasis.

"The concept of Palace Wellness is to enhance the wellbeing of all our guests, no matter what the purpose of their visit – whether it’s just to relax by the pool, work out, play a game of tennis, have lunch or enjoy one of our carefully designed treatments; our aim is to deliver a sense of wellbeing to them without exception,"

says Wiedemann, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the field.

Market research and an attentive ear for guests’ opinions and requests have helped to create a new concept of wellness, one where key elements of Ayurveda are united to restore balance and harmony in order to create the best of experiences for visitors to the spa. A team of 30 wellness professionals take a very holistic approach to treating and advising the guests of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, so that their needs are always met in the most natural and comprehensive of ways.

And since Palace Wellness is an ever-evolving concept, guests can expect the spa range to change and expand from season to season, whether they are looking for weight loss, detox, rejuvenation or self-healing. Designed to adapt to each individual’s current state of being, these programmes produce exceptional results, helping guests to implement long-term lifestyle changes to maintain the desired effects and reach a superior level of overall wellbeing.


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