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The Badrutt’s
service spirit

What makes great service excellent? What is it that makes the difference? The team at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel want to accomplish what can only be described as perfect hospitality. As a guest, all your wants and needs are taken care of, sometimes even before you realise you have them. But how, exactly, do they do it?

A philosophy rooted in tradition

A level of service like the one you find at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has a somewhat magical and out-of-this-world quality to it, something that is achieved thanks to the hotel’s time-honoured tradition and standards of excellence. Older team members pass down their knowledge and expertise to the younger generations, so the hotel’s philosophy doesn’t get lost with the passage of time. Each and every person working in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is an ambassador of its philosophy, a bearer of its spirit. The hotel’s employees work tirelessly to ensure that their guests are not only happy and comfortable, but also tended to in every way possible. That is the key to providing great service, and Badrutt’s Palace Hotel wants to continue its tradition of offering only the very best.

Nothing is too big for us

The Badrutt’s Palace philosophy is “nothing is too big for us”. Thanks to the high number of employees, each guest promptly receives the attention they need and deserve. Consider this – 280 team members in summer and 520 in winter work around the clock to meet the needs of the occupants of just 157 rooms! The team, from butlers and maître d’s to housekeepers and kitchen assistants, all share a genuine passion for what they do, because that’s the only way to provide exceptional service. However, equally importantly, they themselves are taken care of: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel strives to create a healthy work-life balance for its employees, aware of the fact that happy staff are the very best kind there are. Indeed, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel received the prestigious Swiss Arbeitgeber Award for being one of the best employers in the country. So it comes as no surprise that some of the key employees have spent all their working lives at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. They embarked on their careers as apprentices here, and now they have become some of the best professionals in their various fields.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel through a guest’s eyes

To gain another perspective and understand what guests really want, team members set off on a one-day adventure posing as guests in order to fully experience what it is like to live and breathe all that Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has to offer. The results were astounding. Taking advantage of all aspects of the service and pushing it to its limits, they came up with and asked for the most incredible things – just as a guest might do. It was a learning experience, one that created a unique insight into the needs and desires, whims and wishes of the hotel’s guests. From those special details that make a wedding unique to extravagant culinary requests on a picnic, the staff dug deep to understand what takes a great holiday to an entirely new level, making it magical and unforgettable.

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