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Host your event in St. Moritz

Meet the planners at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, who are creating extraordinary weddings, conferences and celebrations in the Swiss Alps

The event-planning team at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz use their imagination and their supreme organisational skills to bring to life the most amazing events for guests at the exclusive venue, nestled in the glamourous Swiss mountain resort.

Whether you are seeking wedding venue ideas, organising a milestone celebration, seeking a romantic moment for two, or planning a business conference for networking and teambuilding, the hotel’s dedicated team will transport your guests to a magical world filled with special moments. For the hotel’s event planners are renowned for their creative – some would say eccentric – minds and their willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible, whether it’s planning a gourmet meal for 800 people on a frozen lake, an extravagant marriage proposal on top of a mountain, a golf tournament at one of the most prestigious courses in the Alps, or a private concert by one of the world’s top performers.

Meet the professional event planning team working behind the scenes…

Mona Bäder, Event Executive

Attention to detail is crucial to ensure an exceptional and smooth-running event and Event Executive Mona Bäder takes immense pride in her work. “I take care of our guests from the very first consultation to when the event happens, preparing all the paperwork and discussing all the particulars with a client,” she says.

“During the event, I ensure all the wishes of our clients come true and that even the small details are implemented according to their vision. We work to such a high standard that taking care of the little things is of vital importance. A lovely event can take place anywhere but we have the expertise to make the event exceptional, unique and unforgettable thanks to our love of the finer points.”

Every function held at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has something special that makes it unforgettable; it may be the beautiful flower arrangements or the amazing programme of entertainment. Each one is extraordinary in its own way. Bäder adds: “One of our strengths is that we focus on each guest’s wish as if it was our own. We put our heart and soul into the occasion – it’s not just a job at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, it’s a passion.”

Gian Müller, Director of Food & Beverage

Director of Food & Beverage Gian Müller explains the secrets to a memorable celebration at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel: “A successful event involves a lot of people making an incredible effort; for large events, all of our 500-plus employees may be working behind the scenes. That includes florists, housekeepers, concierges, engineers, cellar masters, stewards, human resources, accounting, hairdressers, sales and marketing.

“We always start by understanding the guest’s dream. We then bring in our own suggestions and get our specialists involved to share designs and samples. Events range from an intimate gathering at a guest’s home to a forest picnic or a large-scale wedding. Once a year we also host a kitchen party for the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival, in which celebrity chefs prepare their signature dishes for 300 guests, and we also provide the catering for the Snow Polo World Cup, which takes place on the frozen lake at St. Moritz.”

The Food and Beverage Team walk a thin line between realising a dream and remaining within the realm of the possible, but they certainly like a challenge. “Some of the most legendary ‘wow’ moments at the hotel include an elephant in the lobby, sea lions in the pool and a tightrope walker crossing the Via Serlas,” explains Müller.

“Marriage proposals are also very special as we usually become accomplices. During some proposals I was the only other person present in the room apart from the bride-to-be. When she said ‘yes’ it was a very special feeling.”

Stefan Gerber, Executive Pastry Chef

Executive Pastry Chef Stefan Gerber takes inspiration from all over the world and from fashion, history or guests’ personal stories. He creates awe-inspiring celebration cakes and sweets that are nothing short of theatrical.

“Many of our clients come in with their own ideas and we work together on the theme before starting our planning,” he explains. “Sometimes a client is inspired by a wedding cake they’ve seen in a magazine and they want something similar. If they are celebrating an anniversary, for instance, they may request the menu from their wedding 40 years ago. Whatever it is, we can do it.”

For upcoming events, he checks what is trending in Paris and New York and then matches the food to the theme, whether it is a candy shop or a celebration of Chinese New Year. “For a winter wonderland theme I could make a chalet out of chocolate or create champagne snowballs with coconut – it really depends on the event,” he says.

“Anything is possible here – one winter we made a wedding cake to be served outdoors. It was so big that we couldn’t get it in a car, so we had to transport it on a horse-drawn carriage. Last year we also created a huge cake with two women inside who jumped out when it was served. Dessert buffets on the frozen lake of St. Moritz are also challenging – you have to manage it very carefully because there is no pastry kitchen on a frozen lake.”

Nicola Marcon, Manager, Le Restaurant

The food is only part of the gastronomic magic that makes any event extraordinary – swift and efficient service is also important and Manager Nicola Marcon of Le Restaurant is passionate about his job. He explains: “During an event at the hotel, it is my job to organise the service, maintain constant communications with the kitchen and listen to our guests in case there are any last-minute alterations to the programme.

“I can receive all kinds of last-minute requests, whether it is for special drinks, seat changes or to alert the kitchen of food intolerances. It means we have to be flexible to ensure we deliver a menu that caters to everyone’s needs.”

Marcon’s work is constantly evolving and there are always new challenges. “Last winter we hosted a large-scale celebration that required a great deal of careful organisation,” he recalls. “We had a buffet for 400 in the restaurant, a vegetarian buffet in the lobby and an after-party in the Embassy Ballroom. We even set up a concert on the tennis courts.”

With such long-standing experience in organising spectacular galas and private parties, the talented event-planning professionals at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel can make any dreams come true. The only limit is your imagination.

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