Andrea Panatti on the terrace of Chesa Veglia.

Fantastic Fungi

The mushroom may be the latest ingredient to gain superfood status, but for chefs such as Andrea Panatti (left) this humble…
Stepped vineyards on a mountainside

The Wine Explorer

Tower Revue visits two small wine-growing areas in Switzerland and Italy that are making exceptional…
Someone dipping their fork into a cheese fondue pot

Secrets of a good fondue

Jeremy Degras, Executive Chef at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, shares his favourite fondue…
A mocktail being served at bar

The marvel of mocktails

Niamh Brook explores the fun, tasty and healthy world of alcohol-free cocktails
Mountain restaurant surrounded by snowy mountains

On top of the world

Discover unfortgettable culinary moments with a side of captivating views at a…
Happy woman outdoors with open arms looking up to the sun

The power of the winter sun

Good for both body and soul, vitamin D is beneficial to all…
A group of people making a Champagne toast

Sparkling pairings

Champagne is much more than an apéritif. It is an extremely versatile companion on the dinner table, discovers Richard Vines
A selection of local cheese

The master of fine cheese

Alexander Kühn meets the Alpine cheesemaker who is passionate about his traditional craft and the flavours he creates
Aerial photo of Paradiso Mountain Club & Restaurant, St. Moritz in summer

Summer in Paradiso

Visitors to St. Moritz this summer and early autumn can now, for the first time,…

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