A five-star superior hotel that’s great for kids might seem like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, with its attention to detail and dedication to meeting its guests’ every need, is the perfect example of a first-class, luxury hotel that is also incredibly child-friendly. Fun and relaxation for all is the key to a successful family holiday. Spending quality time together is important, but having activities and experiences tailored to each age group is equally essential.

Badrutt’s Junior General Manager

Who could know better what children like than a child? In 2014, in order to truly understand what makes a holiday unforgettable to younger guests, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel introduced a new and innovative idea: a contest was held to hire a Junior General Manager, a child aged between 5 and 12 who would spend a few days at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel to taste the kids’ cocktails and food menu, check out the hotel’s kids’ club and the kids’ concierge, and host the Junior GM Pyjama Party in the legendary King’s Club. Anna, a lively and lovely 8-year-old, was chosen from more than 70 candidates and helped Hans Wiedemann, the hotel’s Managing Director, to ensure that Badrutt’s Palace Hotel offers the best kids’ programme in the area.

Club Palazzino

The Kids’ Club Palazzino is a dream, for children and their parents alike, although for different reasons. The adults love it because it gives them the chance to relax and unwind at Palace Wellness or one of the many restaurants, without having to worry about their little ones. The club is supervised by professionals who make sure that children aged 3 to 12 can play in a fun but safe environment – and it’s all for free! The kids, meanwhile, love it for one simple reason: because it’s so much fun they rarely want to leave when the day is over! The sheer amount of activities offered takes your breath away and is sure to strike a chord with all of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s youngest guests.

The outdoor play area includes swings, a slide, a sandpit and two tennis courts which are turned into an ice-skating rink in winter, perfect for those who enjoy being active. But what sets the Kids’ Club Palazzino apart is the array of activities organised with kids in mind. Chefs in the making can revel in cooking and baking classes, while little creative geniuses can test their skills in drawing and handcrafting competitions. The Club also organises specific themed excursions, like horse carriage rides or husky sledge tours, visits to the local fire department or to the airport, hikes, bike tours and lessons of all kinds for those who want to try their hand, or rather their feet, at dancing, ice skating, gymnastics or swimming. The jewel in the crown of this exciting programme is the Kids’ Disco, a fun party where kids get to hang out at the iconic King’s Club. Now, how many under-eighteens can boast that they’ve partied at one of St. Moritz’s most exclusive clubs?

It goes without saying that there’s also plenty to do for families who want to enjoy some quality time together – in both summer and winter. Engadin is the perfect destination for a family holiday because it has so much to offer everyone. The lake is a great place to try water sports in summer, while in colder seasons it’s an ideal spot to take long walks and enjoy the panorama. Skiing, of course, is also a local favourite and a family-friendly activity.

So yes, the idea that a five-star superior hotel is a great choice when you’re travelling with kids might seem strange at first, but it’s really not if that hotel is Badrutt’s Palace.

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