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Bespoke beauty

Customised skin care and made-to-measure solutions are the new beauty trends to keep you glowing

It’s amazing to think each of us has around 19 million skin cells covering every inch of skin on our bodies, and that these cells work so hard. They protect our bodies from heat, cold and humidity, and they provide a support network for our nerves, immune system and blood vessels.

Key to the skin’s health is the epidermis, the outer-most layer of skin and the one chiefly tasked with protecting us. It is this layer that helps to retain moisture in the skin and keep it flexible, remove dead cells and boost the skin’s brightness.

Packed between the skin cells are amino acids and salts. Extreme environments, strong soaps and solvents can wash out these components, drying out the skin and preventing the epidermis’ essential enzymes from working effectively.

A tailor-made solution

The needs of the epidermis vary significantly from one person to the next, and a successful skin care routine needs to take this diversity into account.

Skin care has languished behind the general trend of personalisation but a greater awareness of our skin and its role within our health means there is a rapidly growing demand for more made-to-measure solutions.

Over the last few years the skin care market has undergone a bit of a revolution with a more scientific approach to skin care and more complex regimes, including the now popular 10-step daily routine.

Today, customised skin care is booming, with an abundance of personalised skin care treatments and services on offer, encouraged by practitioners viewing skin care in a more holistic way. They acknowledge that lifestyle and behavioural factors, whether smoking, alcohol consumption or stress, influence our skins’ health.

Skin care specialists are increasingly offering assessments to build up a full profile of your skin. This includes using detailed online questionnaires, skin measurement data collected from smartphones and even looking at your DNA.

Others prefer a more personal approach with assessments carried out face-to-face by specialists. Biologique Recherche, which already has an abundance of celebrity fans (including Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek and Alexander Wang, who love its legendary P50 lotion), offers a detailed analysis with a consultant who assesses your skin’s elasticity, sebum, moisture, pigmentation and sun damage, as well as your lifestyle.

“The result of such careful research is a highly complex, sophisticated and hyper-personalised system,” explains Dr Philippe Allouche, Creative Director of Biologique Recherche. “This guarantees the highest degree of individuality for our clients.”

Some companies also offer digital imaging, which can be especially useful when constructing personalised face masks.

The most bespoke solutions are designed and made from scratch, using unique combinations of ingredients that are specifically designed to target problem areas on your skin and support its rejuvenation. Biologique Recherche’s treatments are formulated from a collection of more than 60 active ingredients.

Specialised skin care at Palace Wellness

Guests at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel can experience the benefits of Biologique Recherche’s tailored approach at the Palace Wellness spa.

Biologique Recherche’s bespoke facials have a cult following and its home in Paris has been recommended by Vogue as a must-visit destination during Paris Fashion Week, thanks to its high-profile fans, which include professional Tom Pecheux, YSL Global Beauty Director. Now, guests can reap the benefits of the Haute Couture One Month treatment, an individualised facial based on detailed cosmetic analysis that is exclusive to the Palace Wellness Spa.

During the treatment the Skin Instant Lab, a diagnostic system, gives your skin a complete, all-round assessment. These results are sent, together with the answers to a customer lifestyle questionnaire, to be analysed by experts in the company’s Paris laboratory. A personalised care range of two creams and eight serums is then created. A follow-up meeting is arranged so that the impact of the treatment can be assessed and further treatments adapted to the skin’s changing needs. The future of beauty and wellbeing is getting personal, so come and experience the next generation of skin care at Palace Wellness.

To discover more or book a treatment, visit badruttspalace.com

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