Sushi in a bowl

Food for the soul

Everyone needs a Buddha bowl to brighten up their day. Super vibrant, utterly healthy and brimming with little bites of our favourite things, these nutritious plates are food for the soul

A Buddha bowl is a one-dish creation usually consisting of rice or whole grains, roasted vegetables, protein (meat, fish or tofu) and a dressing. The best thing about the dish is that it is completely versatile, so you can include whatever you have to hand in the kitchen.

A true Buddha bowl, however, must follow a couple of simple rules: ingredients should be fresh and consist of different colours and textures; and they must all be beautifully arranged so the bowl looks like a work of art.

Guests of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel this summer can try a specially created version of one of these light, ultra nutritious bowls on the sun terrace at the La Diala restaurant in Palace Wellness.

“The new Buddha Bowl is influenced by my travels in Japan,” explains its creator, Dirk Haltenhof, Executive Chef of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

“Inspired by Asian flavours, the dish features tuna or salmon with sea grapes and ponzu [a Japanese citrus-based sauce] to give it a delicious sweet and sour flavour, with a little saltiness.”

Dirk Haltenhof, Executive Chef of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, shares his Buddha Bowl recipe, available at La Diala at Palace Wellness:

Buddha Bowl

Tuna or salmon, avocado, edamame, iceberg lettuce, sea grapes, mango with a dressing of sesame oil and ponzu

Serves 4 people

6 tablespoons of ponzu dressing (or 2 tablespoons of lime or lemon juice with roasted sesame oil, 2 tablespoons of fig mustard and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil)
150g salmon or tuna (or a mixture of both)
110g Edamame beans
1 avocado, sliced
1/2 mango or cooked potato
Iceberg lettuce, finely chopped
Coriander leaves, chopped
Sea grapes, chilli (thinly sliced) and lime wedges to garnish
Chilli or soy sauce, to taste

Slice or chop the vegetables and cube the tuna or salmon. Carefully arrange in the bowl. Pour over the dressing and toss together. Season to taste with chilli or soy sauce.

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