Someone dipping their fork into a cheese fondue pot

Secrets of a good fondue

Jeremy Degras, Executive Chef at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, shares his favourite fondue tips with Fiona Sims
A mocktail being served at bar

The marvel of mocktails

Niamh Brook explores the fun, tasty and healthy world of alcohol-free cocktails
Oranges, ginger and other ingredients for healthy drinks

The wellness drinks trend explained

Increasingly, our health and wellbeing are at the top of the agenda…
Light lunch and drink

Food trend: plant-based eating

As the move to plant-based eating gathers even greater momentum, Vanessa Leuenberger…
The sweet secrets of master chocolatiers

The sweet secrets of master chocolatiers

Fine chocolate requires that the best ingredients come together in perfect harmony.…

Future of cocktails

In the quest for more exotic cocktail creations mixologists are pushing the…
Dessert ice cream

Scoops of flavour

The latest innovative ice creams and gelatos are an experiment in new levels of deliciousness, discovers Claire Price
Premium tequila

Expert guide to premium tequila

The party drink is undergoing a premium revolution, says Jessica Bennett
Sushi in a bowl

Food for the soul

Everyone needs a Buddha bowl to brighten up their day. Super vibrant, utterly healthy and…

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