King's Social Club St. Moritz

60 years of King’s Social House

A lot can change in 60 years, but one thing about King’s Social House has always remained the same: its legendary…
Freshly prepared dish with apple, radishes and flower petals

Fine dining

Badrutt’s Palace welcomes two creative top chefs with two exciting pop-up restaurants, discovers Fiona Sims
Stepped vineyards on a mountainside

The wine explorer

Tower Revue visits two small wine-growing areas in Switzerland and Italy that…
Someone dipping their fork into a cheese fondue pot

Secrets of a good fondue

Jeremy Degras, Executive Chef at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, shares his favourite fondue…
Happy woman outdoors with open arms looking up to the sun

The power of the winter sun

Good for both body and soul, vitamin D is beneficial to all…
A group of people making a Champagne toast

Sparkling pairings

Champagne is much more than an apéritif. It is an extremely versatile…
Table set with silverwear, Badrutt's Palace Hotel, St. Moritz

Silver service

Following decades of tradition, the fine cutlery on your table setting at Badrutt's Palace Hotel continues to be cleaned, polished and lavished with care,…
A skier outside Paradiso restaurant in St. Moritz

A new era for Paradiso

Looking for an exceptional spot for a mountain-side lunch, dinner or après-ski? Try the new Paradiso, says Niamh Brook
Dinner with royalty and heads of states at the Shah or Iran's celebrations to mark 2,500 years of the Persian Empire in October 1971

The greatest party on Earth

Fifty years ago, the Shah of Iran flew staff from Badrutt’s Palace Hotel to the…

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